Choosing a Digital-to-Analog Converter

Once the DTVPal was released a few weeks ago, I went ahead and requested two government-issued $40 “coupons” - which are more akin to plastic gift or credit cards. While we’ve still got several months until the digital television transition, there’s a finite amount of vouchers so I’m staking my claim now. Actually, it’s a claim by proxy - being the guy who manages my mom’s technology. Her kitchen doesn’t have a cable outlet and she enjoys her existing (NTSC-tuning) television - so for about $20 (minus $40 coupon card), it makes sense to just pick up a digital to analog OTA converter (CECB).

The question is: Which one? The top criteria should be ATSC reception and picture quality. Unfortunately, there aren’t many comprehensive model comparisons… and while reception is key, pq is less important on this small set and from her viewing distance. In fact, I suspect she mostly listens to TV while preoccupied with other tasks. While I like the form factor of the DTVPal and the polished UI (for a low-end device), I’m leaning towards the Zenith DTT900/901 or the RCA DTA800 because the included remote can also power the television on/off. Anyone picked these up?


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