CES: When Big Brother Carries a Purse

While most of the video exhibits at CES focused on big-screen TVs, DVD format wars and place-shifting, there was another video trend on the floor: video surveillance. Check out this demonstration from Forensic Visions. It shows a wireless set-up for monitoring several different mobile cameras at once. The camera in this video is hidden in a purse. Visions of Big Brother come to mind, but my friendly demonstrator point out that the technology is also good for things like child depositions. Easier to talk in front of a camera disguised as a purse or a hat than a large unfriendly lens. Or at least that’s the idea…

Two notes: First, the video from my Flip was much higher quality, but YouTube seems to have compressed and degraded it. Second, the video display from the purse camera shows a fair bit of signal noise. It’s likely due to interference from all of the other devices in operation at the Sands convention center.


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