DVD Image Fading In and Out

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...

Play All Music on iPod at the Same Volume

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


On an Apple iPod, is there a way to set the volume so that every song plays at the same volume level? Seems like burned CD's vs. Downloads can play at much different volume levels.

-submitted by Buck 

How to Love Your Music Even More - Just Add the Metadata

Anyone who has ripped a CD in the last year or so has no doubt been pleasantly surprised by the artist and album information that is now available online. The popular PC music management programs like MusicMatch, iTunes, and Windows Media Player will use an available Internet connection to download a huge amount of useful data about the album and store it along with the compressed MP3 files on your hard drive.



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