DVD Image Fading In and Out

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My question is about my DVD player. Some DVDs make the picture red/orange, and continually fades in and out. Is it the movie? What can I do to fix this?

-submitted by bycynthia


Many commercial DVDs employ a copyguard known as MacroVision. When a DVD player is connected or routed through a recording device, like a VCR, the image on copy-protected DVDs will be erratic. Fading in and out is the most common effect of MacroVision.

Many times, people that do not have RCA style connections on their TV often connect the DVD player to their VCR, which will cause these kinds of problems. If you've connected it for this reason, you'll need to purchase a device called and 'RF Modulator', which will give you the ability to connect it to the display without going through the VCR.

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