Will a Canadian VCR Work in India?

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Will any VCR purchased in Canada can work in India(Asia)?????????

Please reply.


-submitted by ramwala


Unfortunatley, no. Canadian VCRs are based on the NTSC television system, which is the analog TV system used in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and others. India uses a version of the PAL system, which is not compatible to NTSC. If you are looking to buy a VCR that supports both formats, they're out there, but they are not easy to find. It may be easier to own 2 VCRs, one for Indian tapes, and the other for Canadian. Also be aware, not every television is compatible to both formats, so you may also need a conveter for your television.

Another problem you'll face is power standards. India operates on a 220V power standard, while Canada and the US operate on 120V power. Any device you plan to operate in India will require an adapter to convert 220V power to 120V.

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Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com


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