Using Headphones on TVs with Broken or Without Jacks

The RCA jacks in the back of the TV work wonders. As I mentioned in the previous article, my headphone jack is broken and I get no sound in the speakers, as a result.

I already bought the box which has three sets of RCA jack (red, white, yellow), so I can have my VCR and DVD hooked to my TV.

One can do the same thing with headphones. Buy a wire that at one end it has two heads (red and white) on one end and one head on the other side that looks like the plug from a set of headphones.

Plug the red and white into a set of RCA jacks. Then buy and adaptor that allows for your headphones to be plugged into, on one side, and the other wire on the other side. This way you can use your headphones when there is no headpone jack or the TV speakers don't work.

To be able to play your vcr/dvd player, and use the headphones at the same time, buy a wire (red and white ends) that allows you to plug into each of its heads another red or white RCA wire.

Good luck.


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