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We have a great 36" Panasonic HDTV on one side of our family room and a great Onkyo receiver on the other side. We want to play the audio of our TV through the stereo. How can I connect the 2 without tearing up our wall to install new wires?

We tried a US Robotics Soundlink, but there is a great amount of background static in the audio. Do you have another suggestion?

Dave Hirsch



As many have learned, getting audio or video across a room or across the the house can be challenging. Not only can it be difficult to run wires, but it can be difficult to do it wirelessly as well. Let's face it, the only great way to get audio or video signals from one place to another with perfect integrity is to use hard-wired connections. However, running wires isn't always practical either.

Trying the Soundlink was a great idea. It boasts a range of 1000 feet! That's impressive for a little box, but results are often different from claims.

Here's the three most possible reasons why the signal was full of static:

  1. The Soundlink offers two ways of getting the signal into a stereo unit once it receives the signal from the transmitter. One is a hard-wired conenction, the other is to tune the stereo's tuner to one of two FM stations. If you used the stereo's tuner to pick up the signal it could easily result in a signal full of static.
  2. If you used the hard-wired connection, a problem could have stemmed from the 3.5mm jack on the unit's output (ever had a headphone connection that sounded better when you wiggled the connector). If the output is defective, you might need a replacement unit.
  3. Since the Soundlink operates on the 900MHz band, it could easily pick up a lot of interference from other devices. The 900MHz band is flooded with communications equipment, cordless phones, and other wireless devices. The interference from devices like these could make it impossible for the receiver to pick up a clear signal. Unfortunately, there is no great way to determine if this is the problem without trying a comparable device using a different band.

If you can't get the Soundlink to work, and want to try something else, I'd recommend the Araneus USA 5.8GHz Audio/Video Sender.

  • It uses directional aiming antennas.
  • It's rated for 300 feet, which should be more than enough to go across a room.
  • It will connect to your Onkyo receiver using standard RCA style audio cables.
  • It operates on the 5.8GHz band, which is less crowded and less suceptable to interference.

Otherwise, you'll need to figure out a way to get wires from your TV to your stereo, or just physically move the stereo equipment near the TV.

Whatever direction you choose, I hope you share the experience with everyone in the TechLore community.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,


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