Resetting Parental Lock Code on Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 is not only a video game system, but also a DVD player as well. In many families, the Playstation 2 serves as the "kids" DVD player, which means that many parents choose to take advantage of the parental lock feature to limit what kinds of movies the Playstation 2 will play back.

There could be instances where you entered in a parental code months ago, and now can't remember it. Or, you may have purchased a used Playstation 2, and you never knew the code to begin with. If you or the prior owner set a parental lock code, the Playstation 2 won't play back many movies without entering the code first. You could try to hunt down the original owners, or start inputting every code possible starting with 0000, but it's easier to reset the password and disable parental lock using a secret code.

Here is the procedure to reset the parental lock code: 

  1. Bring up a screen where the unit asks you to enter in the parental code. You can either insert a restricted disc, or enter the DVD setup menu and go to "parental control" under custom setup.
  2. When the screen asks for the code, press the SELECT button, then enter in the code "7444".
  3. The level adjustment under Parental Control dictates the strictness of the player. The lower the value, the more strict it will be. Either increase the value to lower the restriction, or disable the lock entirely by setting it to "off".
  4. Once you have made your adjustments, be sure that the DVD tray is empty, and press the RESET button on the front of the Playstation 2. It is imperative the tray is clear of any DVD or game for the unit to save your settings.

A note for parents: If you're wondering what is stopping your child from using the above procedure to circumvent your rules, you can verify that they haven't reset the parental control very easily. Since the above procedure eliminates the old password entirely, all you need to do is see if your original password still works. If it does, they did not use the above procedure to break the rules. If it doesn't, they might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.


Thanks so much. My crappy dvd player quit on me. I was watching chappelle show dvds all the time. But major studio movies wouldn't go. I can watch 40 yr old virgin because of you.


I tried resetting the code on my ps2 and using the code 7444 did not work. Do you have any idea what else I can do?

this is the best thing ever i cant beleive it was that easy thank you 4 the help this is real sh1t

thanks code worked well now i can watch my new billy elliot film

code works with the controller connected. does not work using the remote. Thanks for the tip.

thanks i bought a ps2 from some guy and i couldnt figure out why i could only watch nemo i guess he just he didnt have the code and sold it to me cheap

Thanks it does work to all the people who say it don't make sure u press the select button first that helps. Do it right and u wont have a problem i reset mine in less then a min. THANKS AGAIN i was mad i couldn't watch nothing but kids movies. found this and its fixed.

to reset my parental lock code, I went step by step with the 7-4-4-4 code. It still does not work. I am going on a long 2 week trip with my kids and need this fixed if possibl. So my kids can watch movies while we r on the road.... anyone's help with this would really mean a lot, thanks. Sally

sally you have to push SELECT first....theres so many retarded people that cant follow directions....maybe a bit of bleach in there gene pool will help.

thanks reset worked fine.

This comment is to AWDJOSH. I pressed select and it still doesn't work, so why don't you pull your head out of your ass and know what you are talking about before you go off and make immature and un-needed off handed comments.

This is the link to all of those people that like "COMPLETE"
Step by Step instructions, it woks like a charm.

how do you lock the playstation 2 and a xbox 360 so no one can play it

Hey! it worked. freakin awesome. much obliged. lol

Thanks alot for the info. it worked within a few seconds and has saved me some headache

thanks it worked you have to press select then it will work

it does work you have to press select then it will work

TO TGMAN359: it does too work dip shit i just did it maybe if u knew how to read and follow directions in would.

wow worked like a charm ps2 parental unlock i bought this ps2 used and never set the pass code thanxx


I tried and it still didn't work.. is there anything else if it doesn't work?

More Specifically how to go through it all. :) i finally figured mine out while staring at about 3-5 different discussion and FAQ boards over the subject... when the dvd says it cant play because of the parental lock, hit yes to go to the password screen. hit select, then enter 7-4-4-4 to delete the old one. for the new password, 0-0-0-0 is the easiest to replace it with. Then stop the dvd by hitting the "o" button. from this blank black screen, you can pull up the menu with the select button. go to the icon that says "setup" and in the 3rd tab you should have the parental controls... to get into them, you just enter in the 0-0-0-0 code now. after that, you can change the level to "off". once you've done all this, exit out of all the menus and eject the movie. take it out of the tray and restart. make sure there isn't a dvd in, so it will save all your changes. Happy Gaming, Happy Movie Watching. -JEP


i have a ps2 that has a parental password i do not know and cannot play movies i have tried 7444 it dnt wrk anyone can help comment

Thank you!! :) our DVD player broke and the remote to my son's TV isn't working and we're low on cash so this was our last resort and I was horribly dismayed at the sudden discovery that our ps2 had a parental lock on it- Thank you so much for posting this- i was at a loss for what to do :)

I bought my PS2 used from Ebay and wasn't provided the four digit code. Thank you so much. I was able to reset the code.

It works I don't think it works on the code 0000 though, I tried it again after I reset it and changed it to 0000 it didn't work on that code

Its not that hard bring up the code and type in 7444 then when it says wrong code hit select then it should say delete password the type 7444 again then it should say delete complete now enter 4 numbers of likeing.

This is excellent. Works just as described. We can finally watch Barbie :-)

Thanks! I bought a used PS2 and couldnt watch my movies on it!

so yes it worked but i have to say there is no custom setup thing on the system. So just do step number 2, because that one actually works. We got it to work,

Thanks. I guess there was a parental code set up years ago and I had no way of taking it off. I'm older now so no need for it. Now I know how to disable it.

You all are great. I spent nearly a year trying to crack this code cause the ps2 is second hand. And I scored above extremely high on cracking codes on my asvab. (Armed services vocational aptitude battery). Thank you for the help!!!!!!

Thank you very much. I got my PS2 second-handed and couldn't watch anything. Now I can. This was very helpful.

how to break parental control of SONY PlayStation 2

I have followed your instructions on my ps2,but the 7444 code doesn't work it says invalid code any other suggestions? Thanks.

This sucks it don't work I attended to do it a lot and it dont work you suck

okay so the select comments are right but incomplete. When asked for the password press Select. It will change DELETE password. Now enter 7444 and then reenter to confirm. it will then say "Delete Confirmed" and ask you to Register a New Password, put in a 4 digit password of your choice (if you're not going to need a password I suggest just something quick like 0000; if you actually need the password lock then customize it and read on). Now the movie should be playing; press select to get your video options menu, choose setup and scroll over to Password (the LOCK). Scroll down to where it says parental controls, highlight level and scroll up to where it says OFF and then select the choice. Your password is now turned off and you will nto be prompted for it again.

Does any one know what each level blocks?

Thanks, now my nephew can watch Star Wars on my old PS2. Still relevant!

Thanks for the help. Quick and effective.

i did the 7444 and it still does not work any sugestions

worked like a charm...unless you are a complete idiot.

hey I don't have a parental level adjuster on my ps2. Are there different models or do I have to upgrade mine by connecting it to the Internet.

Ok so I have a used PS2 and I've tried 7444 and 0000 and nothing works. What do I do?


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