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I have the ability to split screen (through PIP) on my TV. Can I get 2 HD signals on both sides? What if one is analog and one is HD? Can both be displayed on the TV at the same time?

- Submitted by Ron


The answer to your question will vary by the model television in question. Most HDTV sets produced early in the DTV transition couldn't display any form of PiP while watching an HD program. However the most common situation currently is that the television will be able to display PiP in the following ways. Keep in mind that split-screen is still a form of PiP (known as PoP), where there is a main window and a PiP window (even if they are both the same size).

  • Analog(main) and analog(PiP)
  • Analog(main) and HD(PiP)* Fewer models support this
  • HD(main) and analog(PiP)

Be aware that not all displays lock you into this PiP arrangement. There are some models that will allow an HD program in the main and PiP window simultaneously. In order to make this happen, you need two high-definition tuners hooked up to the same digital TV. Run a quick experiment to make sure your television has the ability to do this. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work... most don't.

In either case, you should have the ability to display at least one HD program while using PiP. Of course, you could always try to down convert your other HD program to analog, and then display it as PiP. The picture will still look nice, and contain less static and artifacts.

Thank you for your question,

Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com


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