Parental Lock is on, and the Original Remote is Broken

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My RJTech RJ2400 DVD player has a "parental code" setting that is triggered by various DVDs, I guess R-rated ones. It was no problem at first, I would enter the code on the remote and I would be able to watch the DVD. But now the remote is broken and RJ Tech can't replace it (old model). So I now have no way of entering the "parental code". Is there anything I can do to disable this feature? ( I haven't found any universal remotes compatible with RJTech)

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Unfortunately, you're in a tough bind. If RJ Tech cannot supply you with replacement remote control, you have few options to fix this. Below are a few recommendations. 

  1. If possible, you could try to locate someone with the same DVD player as you. Perhaps a neighbor, friend, or family member has, or know someone that has, the same DVD player as you. In a pinch, it may not need to be the same model for the remote to work your player.
  2. You could try to find someone selling the same player in an online auction house, such as ebay. You'll wind up with another machine, but at least you'll get the remote.
  3. Find someone that owns a Philips Pronto or Marantz touch-screen remote control. There is one device profile for an RJ Tech DVD player (Model RJ-1500DVXII) at Remote Central. This file can be uploaded into a compatible remote, which would allow operation of the device. This won't work if the codes are not the same, or the fuctions needed are not provided, but it's worth a shot. If you have a good relationship with a dealer in your area, they may be willing to help you with this.
  4. A service center may be able to restore the DVD player back to the original factory defaults without the original remote. This will only work if the parental controls are disabled by default. You'll need to contact a service center for more information.

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