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I have a television that fell off the stand and now when it is turned on there is red line down the left side about 1-inch wide. A friend said all we have to do is demagnitize the screen. How do I do that?

-submitted by Lisha 


What your friend is referring to is known as "degaussing", which refers to the removal of a stray magnetic field that is interfering the accuracy of the television's electron beam.

Unfortunately, I do not believe your friend's diagnosis is correct. A magnetic field will not cause the problem you're describing, nor will degaussing correct it. Degaussing is necessary when the image looks like the one above. Notice the rainbow like effect to the image, not a solid line of one color.

Given your description of the problem, and considering your TV just took a big hit, it looks like it will need to be serviced or replaced. Most service centers charge a nominal fee for a quote, which is usually applied to the repair cost if you choose to fix it.

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Matt Whitlock - Editor,


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