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I have a xenius dvd player (DVDX1030)and a toshiba tv, (32ZP18Q) both of which have worked fine for 2 years. Now suddenly there is picture but no sound when playing a dvd. I have checked the scart connections and they seem fine. When I now switch on the dvd player, the tv switches to the dvd channel as normal, but there is now a panel displayed on the screen which reads "Digital Audio". This panel never appeared before this problem started. This panel disappears after a couple of seconds. Any ideas. Do I need to replace the dvd player or is it simply a programming problem or what?

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Since most televisions do not directly support digital audio, I would check the setup menu for the DVD player as well as the TV. In the audio setup for both, be sure that the audio setting refer to analog or 2CH. This should get you sound.

If it does not, then there is a problem with one of the two pieces. Hooking up a different DVD player, or connecting the DVD player in question to another display should rule out one over the other.

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