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Why is our LCD display on our Canon Optura 10 camcorder is only displaying a negative image? Everything is whited out and we can't get a normal image on the LCD or through the viewfinder.

-submitted by ghourigan


Your digital camcorder supports numerous options for recording video, and many digital effects that can be applied to make the video more...unique.

Based on the information you've provided, it seems like one of the auto exposure(AE) or digital effect modes is engaged.

To change the AE mode to Auto, perform the following:
1. Set the program selector to P
2. Push in the selector dial. A list of AE modes should appear.
3. Toggle through the different modes until you find AUTO.
4. Press in the selector dial to enter.

Once the camcorder's AE is set to AUTO, check to make sure that all digital effects are off.

To turn off digital effects:
1. Press the DIGITAL EFFECTS button.
2. Select "D.EFFECTS OFF" mode.
3. Press the ON/OFF button.

Once you've successfully done the following procedures, everything should be looking good.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,


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