My TV Is Dead! What Should I Do?

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I have a JVC Av-27980 television. I have never had any problems with the TV until now. The TV will not turn on. I have tried other outlets so it is not a power problem. Is it some internal protective switch that won't allow the TV to turn? Can this be easy repaired?

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It looks like you've covered the bases on your end, this is helpful in narrowing down the problem. I agree with your assessment, the TV is the culprit.

There are many things that can cause a television not to turn on. Some problems can be as simple as an internal fuse, while others are more complicated, like a defective board or power supply. There are things not even related to the TVs power system could cause the set to be dead.

Given the wide variety of possibilities, there is no chance of making a remote diagnosis. Like a blind man in a shooting range, any guess would be a shot in the dark. You'll need to contact a JVC service center. Once they inspect the TV, they will be able to tell you what went wrong and how much it will cost to fix it. Look on the bright side... powers that be may be telling you it's time for a shiny new high-definition television!

Matt Whitlock - Editor,


I will be upfront on this one...the victim here is asking for a posible solution to his problem with the telivision.

I have the send problem in my 42" plasma tv (philips) let me know what part a have to replace , and how can i find it! please apreciate you cooperation .

Im having the same problem but i took my tv completely apart down to the bulbs tried a hair dryer on all the components on the back nothing happened. Im getting power cause the red light is on but cant get power anywhere else. Got this tv last month wat a pile time for a new one i guess any help much appreciated thanks


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