My Sony SPP-A973 Cordless Phone Displays 'Channel Searching'

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I have a SPP-A973 Sony Cordless phone. When I take my phone out side of the house, it says that Channel Searching and the voice goes away. Can you tell me if what can be wrong with my phone?

-submitted by Fatih BABA


When your Sony SPP-A973 Cordless Telephone displays "Channel Searching" on the handset, this is the indicator that the handset has moved out of the effective communications range of the base unit. The phone holds the call in the base unit for 1 minute of this warning. If the link between the handset and the base unit is not re-established in this time, the base unit will disconnect the call.

There really isn't anything wrong with your telephone. The SPP-A973 uses the frequency range of 902 - 928 MHz. Being digital only means that as long as the handset is within range of the base, the signal will be digitally encoded to eliminate static and interference. This also will make calls unintelligible to those who may be trying to listen to your conversation using a scanner.

The effective range of your telephone will depend on many conditions. Though the box may say that it operates within 100 or 200 feet of the base, the actual range will be variable depending on the conditions of your environment. Your phone signal dropping when you go outside may be caused by the construction materials of your home. Effective range will decrease as you increase the number of obstacles the signal must travel through.

As a solution, you may want to consider moving the base unit closer to the exterior wall near the area you wish to use your phone. So, if you want to use it in the backyard, you should try moving the telephone closer to the back of the home. Another alternative would be to purchase a new 2.4 or 5.8Ghz cordless telephone that uses spread-spectrum technology. These usually have a better effective range than 900Mhz phones.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,

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