My DVD Player Freezes Half Way Through the Movie

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My portable dvd player (Sony DVP-FX701) freezes a frame for several minutes and the dvd spins until I shut down the power. This doesn't happen all of the time and discs that it has happened with are successfully played thru the frame at other times. This is a new player and has been used about a dozen times. The freeze frame occurred during 4 of the playings. In each instance the player played successfully for about 1 1/2 hrs before frame freeze and disc spinning. Thanks for any help.

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Many commercial films are written to what's known as dual-layer DVD discs, which are like two DVDs sandwiched together. Movie studios try to pack as much cool stuff as they can onto a DVD, so by the time you add movie trailers, documentaries, and other special features, the amount of space necessary far exceeds the 4.7GB capacity of a regular DVD disc. Using a dual-layer disc expands the capacity to 9.4GB, which is enough to hold the movie and many extras, depending on how long the film is.

What you seem to be experiencing is a problem related to the DVD player changing layers (when it must adjust the focus of the laser to read the second layer of the disc), which is usually indicated by a brief pause during playback. In the early days of DVD, many players had difficulty during the layer change, which could cause the DVD player to lock up during playback.

In other cases, a badly formatted or damaged disc could be the culprit, so you should check the condition of the DVDs that are giving you problems. Since you mentioned that sometimes they work, your problem could stem from a scratch or a fingerprint. But, if the condition of the DVD is flawless, you may have to consider getting your DVD player repaired, replaced, or exchanged (since you mentioned it was new).

Since it is a portable DVD player, you may want to try running the DVD player when it is plugged into an AC receptacle. This will at least rule out any relationship to the battery, though a remote possibility. But, portable devices do strange things when its battery is low.

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I have the same problem, but with my laptop (Acer 5810T). When I play a dvd, it plays wonderfully for about 15 minutes, then it freezes. This problem is not related to the battery (it also happens when the laptop is charging), nor to the dvd itself (I tried several different dvds), nor to the program (it happens both with Windows Media Player and PowerDVD). Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much,

I am a hearing-inpaired person. I have a 160gb apple Ipod player that downloads through i-tunes store tv and movie shows. I set my ipod settings to either

Let's not beat around the bush here. This Sony player DVP-FX701 has a short life span. It's all over the net (Amason reviews) $500 for 1 or two years and then poof it's broke. It just needs a part that runs hot replaced and your good for another two years but then you will buy a new one. Take it apart and you will see there are no heat spreders on any of the hot IC's. They are doomed.
This keeps us buying more stuff. All the electronics designed today are engnieered to break in two years. I'm running out of money for this junk.


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