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Have you got your mojo on? Well, Motorola seems to have found their "mojo" with their Motorola Ojo, which my guess is a take off of Austin Powers' famous "mojo" quotes. When you go to the Motorola Ojo website, there is a flash multimedia demo with a male voice that keeps making some "cheeky" Austin Powers-like comments. For instance, after the intro, an interactive demo starts where you can click on various buttons to get feature demonstrations. The male voice makes comments such as "Come on in, the ojo's fine", "Have a look around. Seeing is believing", "Push a button we won't bite".

Further, when playing the demo, another interesting comment was "It's both a technological masterpiece and a showpiece". I do have to say it does look pretty cool, trendy, and chic. It's cool design reminds me of (dare I say) an iMac. It certainly looks like Motorola designed this product to be "hip", taking a page from Apple's playbook. I must say it looks like a LCD monitor was slapped on top of a handset phone. Everytime I look at the product photo I feel tempted to grab and remove just the handset part to answer an incoming call, but it looks like it's attached to the LCD. I'm sure holding a large LCD screen against my head would probably irradiate my brain. Although I think LCDs actually have low radiation. Anyway, I digress... Actually, the handset must be removable, but none of the demos and none of the photos demonstrate whether it does or not. But I doubt they would force you to use speakerphone for every call.

Coolness factor or hipness factor aside, it remains to be seen whether or not videophones can start to show some real solid deployment numbers. The other problem is videophones tend to be proprietary in nature. For instance, the Packet8 videophone cannot transmit video to a Vonage videophone (OEM'ed from Viseon). These videophones will have to standardize if they hope to sell units in any real quantities. Competing videophone vendors will have to put their differences aside and work together on this one. No one wants to pay $300-$600 for a videophone that can only call someone else using the same brand. So get together guys and standardize. Trust me on this one.

In any event, here are some of Motorola Mojo's I mean Motorola Ojo's features:

- 30fps

- MPEG4 (H.264) compression

- Two-way speakerphone

- 16:9 aspect ratio LCD display (Hmmm, wonder if it'll play widescreen DVDs!

Here's the Motorola Ojo site:
Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phone

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