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Personally, I can't live without my Destinator1 GPS running on my PocketPC, but for those with that can't afford GPS in their car, this may be a useful service to get directions...


'Send to Phone' Service Provides Mapquest® Mobile Service Subscribers Another Convenient Way to Access MapQuest Information

Helps On-The-Go People Find Places and Get There

Dulles, VA, -- January 5, 2005 - MapQuest, the leading location based services company, today announced the launch of Send to Phone, a new feature that lets MapQuest Mobile subscribers send color maps and driving directions from the website directly to their cell phones. Created in partnership with leading mobile publisher, Vindigo, Send to Phone expands the convenience of the MapQuest Mobile service, which enables users to request and access maps and directions directly from their cell phones.

"With Send to Phone, users can request maps and directions from home or work and have the comfort of knowing that when they turn to their cell phones for information, the specific maps and directions that they have created will be ready and waiting for them," said Tommy McGloin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of MapQuest "Send to Phone gives people, especially business travelers who we view as early adopters of this technology, the power and convenience to choose exactly how, where and what kind of information they receive from MapQuest."

McGloin continued, "The website is already the No. 1online source for maps and directions - with more than 33 million monthly users.[1] With the addition of the Send to Phone technology, we continue to open new market opportunities and expand the reach of our brand and our superior maps and directions."

The MapQuest Mobile service was created in partnership with Vindigo, one of the best-known publishers of consumer applications for mobile phones. Vindigo publishes MapQuest Mobile through its network of relationships with major U.S. wireless carriers.

"Since its launch in 2003, MapQuest Mobile has been a favorite among wireless subscribers, and one of the most compelling applications available for mobile phones," said Jason Devitt, CEO and president of Vindigo. "With the Send to Phone feature, Vindigo and MapQuest continue to raise the bar for mobile consumers and create a product that responds to how they live their life today."

To use the Send to Phone feature, a MapQuest Mobile subscribers simply need to visit the website through their computer, get maps or directions, click on the Send to Phone link and input their cell phone number. Then, when away from their computer, they can use the MapQuest Mobile application on their cell phone to retrieve their maps or directions. For information and instructions on how to sign up as a MapQuest Mobile subscriber, simply click on the "Mobile" links on the website.

According to CTIA (, the wireless industry's trade group, there are currently more than 173 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. MapQuest Mobile and its Send to Phone feature now offers many of those cell phone subscribers another convenient way to access quality MapQuest information through their cell phones while in transit.

MapQuest Mobile is available on an increasing number of compatible cell phones from almost every major U.S. wireless carrier. A MapQuest Mobile subscription, including the Send to Phone feature, costs $3.99 per month from most wireless carriers, a charge that will be included on the wireless carrier's monthly bill. A wireless carrier data plan is also required to access MapQuest Mobile. Additional charges from the wireless carrier for that plan may apply.

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