Make Your Own Ringtones

Did you know you can create your own ring tones?

You read that correctly. With the right software and a little know how, you can easily create custom ring tones of your favorite songs right on your PC and then download them directly to your cell phone. You can even create your own voice audio ring tones. Below is a high level overview of the process.

The Basics

Before you begin, you'll need to select the best ring tone application that suites you and your budget. You'll also need to verify that your phone is capable of accessing the Internet through your cellular provider. If you're not sure how to do this, fear not. All the websites listed below can walk you through the process.

Software Applications

There are a few commercial ring tone generator software packages out there today. Most notably Xingtones, MyPhoneFiles and ToneThis. There may be others out there (especially outside the US), but these three have gotten the most buzz in the United States. Unfortunately, these applications all run on the Windows platform. However, Xingtones can work on a Mac if you have Virtual PC installed.

Create Ringtone

The process of creating ring tones is very similar regardless of which application you decide to go with.

Step 1: Go to the software vendors' web site and check for phone compatibility. Xingtones allows you enter in the type of phone you have and your cellular phone number. Assuming your phone passes the compatibility test, you'll receive a text message. Open the text message and download the "test" ring tone. Tonethis' and MyPhoneFiles process is not as slick, but they do have help pages (ToneThis Phone Compatibility, MyPhoneFiles Compatibility) that allows you to check to see if your phone has what it takes.

Step 2: Download the software application off the vendor website that will allow you to create your own ring tones.

Step 3: Open an audio file and begin editing your clip. (Various files are supported depending on the vendor. All support mp3 files.)

Step 4: Upload the audio clip to the phone and receive a text message which contains a link to your audio file.

Step 5: Download the file through the mobile Internet.

Step 6: Set it as a music ring tone for use on your phone.


One time $15-$20 charge for creating and downloading unlimited ringtones for personal use for ToneThis and Xingtones respectively. MyPhoneFiles charges a $20 annual fee.


This technology is just getting started so do expect some hiccups with compatibility (Nextel service is not supported), the software, and the upload/download process. However, if you're always buying ring tones, this could be a great way to save some money and really give you the customization you crave.


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