How Do I Connect an Antenna To My TV?

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I have a Toshiba color TV model CZ19T31 that works fine on cable. I would like to use it in a cottage that has no cable available. The set has of course the cable port plus 1 marked video and 2 marked audio but none marked antenna. Is it possible to receive on the set using rabbit ears and if so, how? Thanks.

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As fewer people rely on using an external antenna for analog television enjoyment, manufacturers have changed the labeling on the back of TVs to relate more closely to what people connect to their TVs.

There is no doubt that your television is capable of receiving over-the-air broadcasts through rabbit ears. To do this, connect the external antenna to the screw-on input labeled CABLE. To correctly receive broadcast signals, you'll need to change an option in the TV's menu system, to tell the TV which type of television signal is connected to the back of the TV. Look for an option in the menu that refers to selection between "cable" and "air" (or ant).

Remember that even though the television is capable of receiving analog broadcasts, whether or not they will be received clearly depends on your distance from the transmitter and the abilities of antenna to receive distant signals. Rabbit ears are typically okay if you're 20 to 30 miles away from the source, but you'll need a more powerful antenna the further out you go.

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