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I just bought my daughter an MP3 player, and I guess I'm dumb, lol, but I just dont understand how to download the music onto the thing. It came with a CD, but its only for windows 98 and 98SE, and i have XP.....I just need someone to maybe explain in easier terms how to begin downloading music. The instructions are not too clear on how to begin. Thanks to anyone who can help.

it's a 128 MB MP3/WMA Audiovox SMP3-330-128s

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Based on the information available, I couldn't find any reference to that exact model number. However, it seems that Audiovox only has one 128MB model, so I'll assume that the one in question is the MP3128.

From what I can tell, the reference to Windows 98 should only refer to the USB driver, which is required for Windows 98 to recognize the device. Windows XP does not require the USB driver to be installed. However, Audiovox relies on their "GrooveML" software package to transfer songs to the player. GrooveML should also be included on the CD. If you want to ensure you're using the latest version of the software, you can download it here.

This information should help you get started using the Audiovox MP3 player. I hope you take some time after you've used it to write an article about what you've learned about it, and how to use the GrooveML software package. This way, you can tell everyone in the community about the problem you've faced, and what you did to overcome it.

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