Flat Panel TVs

Available sizes: 10" - 76"

There's no fighting it; the world is going flat. Thin display technology is growing in popularity on a daily basis, and flat panel has the potential to someday replace nearly every TV technology entirely.

Need an example? Look at the computer industry for a moment. Bulky CRT monitors used to sit on a desk in nearly every computer equipped home. Now, flat panel LCD monitors are quickly replacing the older tubes, and that trend is expected to continue until the CRT is extinct.

The TV market is a little different, considering that most people own a television greater than 19 inches. Since LCD monitors get increasingly expensive as the increase in size, getting one for your living room is a much more costly endeavor than putting one on your desk.

The flat panel market is currently dominated by two separate technologies - LCD & Plasma. Each technology operates on very different principles, but the end result gives you a display that has the thickness of your favorite paperback.

Going flat has tremendous advantages over regular TVs. They have very sharp image quality, beautiful colors, PC compatibility (usually), and more. Plus, you can hang them on a wall, which let's you get more space from your living room.

So why doesn't everyone have one of these magical displays? Easy, they're not cheap. In fact, a good high-definition flat panel can cost thousands more than other technologies at the same screen size.

If you've chosen to go flat for your next TV, you'll have to make a choice between the two technologies. While this choice is usually dictated by size, the increasing variety of display sizes in each category is making this choice more difficult for shoppers. Click the links below to find out more about Plasma and LCD flat panel televisions.

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