Does the Built-In DVD Player on My TV Affect Other Things?

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I have an RCA Scenium HDTV 52" with built in DVD player. I want to add an Apex DVD Recorder and RCA VCR, but the television won't accept either one. Any Suggestions ? Does the built in dvd player effect the operation of other items? Thanks.

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I can't say I'm 100% sure what "won't accept" means, but I can at least assure you that the internal DVD player does not affect the connection of external components. You will still be able to connect both the DVD recorder and VCR to the TV.

If you are having trouble getting them to work, make sure that you've connected the cables to the appropriate inputs/outputs on each device. The cables on the VCR and DVD recorder need to be connected to an OUT, and to an IN on the TV of the same type. Be sure to pay attention to the labels on the TV, and jot down the label of where you plugged in each device.

Once that is done, you will need to change the input on the television to match where you plugged it in. If you connect the VCR with a screw-on type cable, the TV will need to be on channel 3 or 4. Other cable types will be an input number like "Video 1", or something similar.

Once you turn on the device, everything should be working properly. Good Luck!

Matt Whitlock - Editor,


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