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New Koss dvd player; Model KD385. I possibly inserted a previously played CD-R wrong (which played great and ejected fine)and now it will not open and allow access to CD-R. Tv screen says, " Play is unavailable because no disc is loaded. Please load disc", which I can't load it because it is stuck inside the player. I turned it off, unplugged it, waited 2 minutes, and tried it again. Still stuck and tray won't open. What can I do?

-submitted by donnaasl


On possibility is that the dealer lock has been engaged. The dealer lock is a way for dealers to load a movie in the player on a showroom floor, then lock the tray from opening so the movie cannot be stolen. For instructions on disabling the dealer lock, read the article Ask The Expert: Disable the Dealer Lock on a Koss DVD Player.

If the disc is physically lodged in the DVD player, and is impeding the ability for the drawer to open, it will need to be manually removed. If it is new, and you are planning on returning it, you'll want to bring it back to your dealer and have them remove the disc. If you have no plans to return the unit, it can be manually removed yourself by removing the top cover of the DVD player. Be aware that removing the lid by anyone but a dealer or service center will likely void the warranty. Once the lid is off, you should be able to see how the disc is stuck, and remove it. Once it is out, you'll want to take a few minutes to test the unit and make sure that it will not be a recurring problem.

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