Choosing between the Playstation 2, GameCube, & XBOX

Choose, but Choose Wisely

It's been said before, and it will be said again, it's all about the games. Sure, everyone's motivation for buying a game system is different: some people want the best graphics, others the biggest selection, some want what's least expensive, others want the most features. But, most of all, people want to have fun.

Choosing one specific gaming console is not an easy thing to do. They all have their faults, and all have strengths, but most importantly, none of them are bad game consoles. There is a great selection of titles for each system, and while some titles overlap, each has a strong lineup of exclusive titles. Choose based on the game titles that look interesting to you. So, if there were 5 XBOX games and 40 GameCube games you would be interested in, then the GameCube would be the way to go.

Choosing for a relative can be very difficult, simply because you cannot always judge other people's tastes in games. It is best if you could get the inside scoop on what they want before marching out to the stores and asking a sales clerk, who may steer you to whatever is in stock, or whatever requires the most accessories to get working.

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  • The PS2 is the recommended system for yourself or relative if not currently invested in this console generation. If a winner of the war had to be chosen, the PS2 would be declared the victor. Sony has sold more units than any competitor, and has the most extensive software library to date. Plus, the PS2 serves as a DVD player out of the box, which is a 2 for 1 bonus.
  • If you or the gift recipient already owns a GameCube and wants another console, you're in for a tough decision. The XBOX and the PS2 share many of the same game titles, but the XBOX usually plays them better. However, each one has some great exclusives that could tip the scale in either direction. If the PS2 exclusives look good, go that way. If not, go with the XBOX.
  • The more common situation is that you or the one you're buying for already has a PS2 or XBOX, and wants another console. In this case, I'd strongly consider a GameCube, unless there are some specific "must have" exclusive titles on the other unowned console. The PS2 and XBOX have many of the same titles, while the GameCube opens the door to a whole new world of games that you can't get on the other two.
  • If shopping for a child, the GameCube has many advantages. The lineup of kid friendly titles makes it a good choice to keep them away from the adult oriented games like Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, and the Dead or Alive series. Many of the GameCube games are easy for children to pickup and play. The smaller discs are easier for children to handle, and the controller is laid out in a way that is simple for most kids to use. The GameCube has a few titles that youngsters should avoid, but there are far less unacceptable titles to worry about.

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