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I own a Toshiba Projection TV model# TN55x81. About 2days ago it started giving me problems when I try to turn it on. The power light just blinks and blinks. I have tried unplugging it and that does not seem to help. Any suggestions?

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When the power, standby, or timer light blinks on a CRT rear projection television, it indicates there is a problem with the television. The light will blink in a certain manner, like three times, or repeatedly. The number of times or way the light blinks is a message understood by a service center. A service technician will be able to diagnose your problem.

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I have the same problem, I did open the TV and unplug 3 connectors from CRT bord for 30 secons BLUE GRAY and RED. Then I connect the power to the TV while the connectors unpluged. then unplug the power tv from the power and connect the connectors the the CRT board. what happened next the TV is on for several days, however this action has to repeat it when ever power light flashies. I do not know what is going on please help and let me know if there is connection problem. THANK YOU

Did you ever found a solution for this problem?

I experiencing the same problem Toshiba 65 Projection Model 65HDX82. Please let me know you can email @ [email protected]

Mitsubishi's do the same thing. They're all junk.

Have a sony model kb40xbr700 and we have sound but no pic whats the prob n how do i fix it the light blins 6 when on and 7 when off


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