Ask the Experts: Where's the USB Jack on My Sony PSYC CD/MP3 Player?

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I purchased a Sony PSYC Atrac3plus MP3 player D-NE320. It came with software, which I installed successfully.

My problem is that I cannot connect the player to my computer. The only ports on the play are for the headphones and to electrical power. I cannot find any sort of USB port.

As for Firewire, I don't know anything about it. My computer has a NIC card but nothing, to my knowledge, relative to Firewire.

Thank you so much!

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You should be having difficulty locating a USB port on the D-NE320 series MP3/CD player because there isn't one.

These particular players do not play compressed audio files in the same manner as a hard drive or flash based MP3 player. Your particular player can only read ATRAC and MP3 files that are burned on to CDs since it has no internal memory storage.

The Sony Connect software that came with your player is allows you to buy music from the Sony Connect Store and rip CDs into ATRAC format. You can also burn CDs in MP3 format for playbak on your PSYC player.

If you wanted a player that you sync with the computer, you'll need to return the player you have for a hard drive or flashed based player like an iPod, Creative Jukebox, or Sony Network Walkman. However, you will lose the ability to play CDs without converting them into music files first.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,

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