Ask the Experts: How Do I Check My Answering Machine Remotely?

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I am looking for instructions for remote retrieval of messages from Sony SPP-A941 cordless phone and answering system.

-submitted by Barbara Lynn


Remote message retrieval is certainly a great feature of answering machines these days. For those who may not be aware of this feature, remote retrieval allows you to dial your home number from any touch-tone phone and listen to the messages on your answering machine. If you set this feature up right, no longer do you have to wait until you get home to see if the important message you've been waiting for is there.

The instructions for setting up remote retrieval vary from unit to unit. While the setup instructions below are specific to the Sony SPP-A941, you'll find that most answering systems are similar in operation.

Set Up Security Code

To check messages remotely, you will need to have the security code for the unit. The security code is what keeps others from checking your messages. On the Sony SPP-A941, perform the following steps:

  1. Press MENU repeatedly until you hear "Set up security code".
  2. Press SELECT to change the security code setting.
  3. (Pressing and holding will increase the code by 10)

  4. Press TIME/SETto confirm the your choice. The unit will announce the security code.
  5. Press PLAY/STOP to exit the setup mode.

Checking Messages Remotely

Armed with your new security code, you can dial in and check your messages from any touch-tone phone. To check your messages:

  1. Call your phone number from a touch-tone phone.
  2. When you hear your greeting, press # and enter your security code. You will hear a confirmation beep, followed by a number of new messages announcement.

You can perform just about every function of the machine remotely using different codes. These operation codes are located on page 36 of your manual. When you are finished, disconnect the line and the machine will resume standard operation.

Matt Whitlock - Editor,

Need a Manual

Don't have a manual for the Sony SPP-A941? You can view it online or download by clicking here.

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my wireless phone how dont know to set up the voice mail because my mother sometimes busy to cook in sometimes she din't busy to cook.i want to fix my sony spp a941 so my mom they know who calling if she answer the phone thank u


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