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I have a Koss DVD player, almost brand new, and with or without a disc in the picture flips nonstop!!!!!!!!!!!!it is driving me insane! Help!

-submitted by lindaida


Since we don't want you to lose your mind, here's some info that may help. There are 2 common reasons why this occurs, provided there is nothing wrong with the unit or your television:

  1. When connecting a DVD player to a non-digital TV via a component video connection (red, green, and blue RCA cables), the progressive scan feature must be disabled for the picture to appear normally. If you do have a digital TV, make sure the component video connection is 480p capable to use progressive scan.
  2. You cannot mix and match components designed for different video systems. For example, a TV from the USA that works with NTSC signals will not properly display a DVD player from the UK that outputs signals in the PAL format. These types of mix-and-match mistakes commonly occur when people accidentally purchase foreign components on-line.

Verify that these situations are not your problem, and post any follow up questions in the discussion page by clicking the discussion link at the bottom of this article.

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