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Living with two Series 2 TiVo's

My plans for my second TiVo did not go as planned.
Let's review what I wanted to accomplish with my second tivo:

1. No subscription. Record only on time & station.

2. Watch content on any TiVo from any TiVo.

3. Stream Music & Photos to the second TiVo location.

That's not a bad little list. Let's see how things worked out:

Do It Yourself HDTV

What is TiVo?

Since the invention of the VCR, TV viewers have been blessed with the ability to record a television show and watch it at a later time. However, VCRs have never been perfect, since setting up recordings on a VCR isn't always intuitive, and using a removable medium like a tape makes them inefficient.

A VCR is a dumb box. It has no idea what it's recording, but only that you told it to record a channel at a certain time. Today, recording devices are getting smarter and more efficient.

Why Buy a Second TiVo?

Recently, I have circled back with many of my fellow TiVo-ers and discovered that, like me, many have opted for a second TiVo for their household. While anyone who has discovered the DVR phenomenon will certainly understand how two TiVos can be better than one, it may surprise even TiVo advocates just how many different -- and good -- reasons there are to double up.

His and Hers

Does TiVo Spy on You?

The TiVoLuTiOn.

TiVo has been getting lots of media attention lately, and with the mass media reporting, a lot of facts seem to get twisted around to put a spin on the story.

What is DTS?

You may have looked at the front of a home theater receiver or at the back of a DVD or Blu-Ray box and wondered what "DTS" stood for. DTS is the acronynm for Digital Theater Systems. This company develops standards for compressing multi-channel audio information for movies and music into a single digital signal.



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