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The Average Guy's Review of the Delphi XM portable radio

I recently bought the XM portable satellite radio on a trial (14 day) basis. I am not really a "tech" guy and don't have a lot of gadgets. I wanted to try this cause I thought it would be good for the baseball playoffs as well as being able to use it for my approximately one hour commute each way to Chicago for work. Anyway, after about 10 days I realized I had made a big mistake and, fortunately, returned it for a full refund. The problems:

    Owner Hands-On Review: Delphi XM MyFi Portable Radio

    In typically early gadget adopter fashion, I camped out at the local electronics store to pick up one of the first portable XM radios. The latest shiny gadget in my hands these days is the Delphi MyFi portable XM radio, XM being one of two satellite radio companies offering an alternative to traditional AM/FM radio.


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