Why HDMI is the Clear Choice for HDTV Connectivity

Panasonic Oxyride Editorial Review - The Revolution in Battery Power

One of the key problems facing consumers is that portable electronic devices are getting more power hungry with each new generation, but those single-use alkaline batteries that power them haven't really improved much over the last decade. Perhaps 10 or 20 years from now, it will seem silly that we had to tote around two or three spare sets just to make sure that we could always use our portable device whenever we wanted to. Or, has that time come already in the form of Oxyride?

Back from the Gloom: V Chip Resurrection

2006 is the Year of Portable Video

This is admittedly a hastily written article but I felt I needed to get some thoughts down and share with the TechLore community. As we turn the calendar to start the new year, it occurs to me that 2006 just might the Year of Portable Video. I know, I say that every year but there are more viable options than ever before and consumers - having gotten comfortable with cameras in their phones, making calls over the Internet, and time-shifting TV - are finally ready to take a real look at video on the go.

Google Maps on Your Cell Phone



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