The iVDR Consortium: A removable hard drive for everything?

Fixing My Own TV

Beginner's Guide to TV Repair

Parts and Safety

First off I'm assuming you have a multimeter, if not you can get one for around $15 that will do. A service manual is handy to help you locate some of the components I'll be talking about. Service manuals can ordered from http://www.servicemanuals.net/

Parts can be ordered from Matt Electronics.com or Electronix.com. Call or e-mail them for a free catalog.

Palm Treo 700p Smartphone

Hack Attack: Build your own DVR

- Courtesy Lifehacker.com

by Adam Pash

Ever since TiVo came around, I was eager to jump on the time shifting bandwagon. After all, nothing makes a productivity junkie happier than turning an hour-long show into forty minutes. But for all its loyal fan base, TiVo never seemed like the right fit for me.



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