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Why are My TV Shows in a Different Language?


I have a RCA TV and the menu says "Language --> English". However, when watching TV, the commercials are in English and the program is in Spanish. How do I fix this?

-submitted by lump5628246


First, if the language option in your TVs menu says English, that doesn't mean the programming you watch will be in English. This option simply dictates what language the TV's menu and on screen displays themselves will appear in. Depending on the model of the TV, you could have a variety of options here.

Now that we understand what that does, it's time to get your shows back in the right language.

Getting DTS Audio to Play


Why is it that when I play DVDs in auto mode on a Denon AVR-1907 I get sound from the speakers, but when I try and play a DVD which has DTS I get no sound from the speakers when I select the DTS mode on the reciever?

-submitted by johnt


Popcorn...check. Remote control... check. DTS surround sound...check. Wait? Where the heck is the sound?!

There's no doubt DTS offers up some rather tasty audio, but getting it to work isn't quite as simple as popping in the disc and hitting play. In fact, there's three big things you need to do before DTS will work, and one important step every time you play a DTS DVD.

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My TV Buzzes When There's Too Much White

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


The TV at my place of work will make a loud, annoying buzz when ever there's too much white on the screen. I searched the tips section of this web site and found nothing related. I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed or not, but it's rather bothersome.

-submitted by JackB

How Many Songs Are Supposed to Fit on My MP3 Player?

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We bought an MP4 player on ebay from Hong Kong, and it says it holds 99 songs. However, after loading 5 songs it says its full. When there are no songs loaded, it says 97 percent of the player is full of recorded files. Can we get these recorded files off and how?



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