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New Toy - Wacom Tablet

I got a new toy at work, a wacom tablet. I am going to use it with flash, and soon with 3d Studio Max. It really gives me a lot better drawing control than using a mouse. I haven't gotten to use it a lot so far, but I really like it.

ThumbsPlus - Media management software recommendation

First, I have no affiliation with Cerious Software at other than being a customer... a long time and very satisfied customer.

I've been a customer since the very earliest releases of ThumbsPlus in the mid-90s and I've provided a lot of feedback to them in the form of recommendations. I'm delighted to say that not a few of those recommendations have been implemented.

My Memory Card Has Less Capacity than Labeled

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


I recently purchased a new 512MB memory card for my digital camera. My computer tells me the max capacity is only 485MB. Why does my card have less capacity than what it's supposed to? Did I get ripped off?

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