Sony KP-65WS510 Convergence problems


I have a Sony Projection TV (model KP-65WS510) with a convergence problem. I tried to fix the 3D imagine by using the Flash Focus and the Manual Convergence, but the picture was still bad. After locating this site and reading numerous post, especially from Larry Dillon, regarding this problem, I order the convergence repair kit from Tv Although I'm by no means an expert at soldering I figured I could handle this task.

I replaced both STK-392-560 convergence chips on the D board. This still didn't solve the problem. Next, I replaced a bad 5amp fuse on the G board (PS5001) that I found. Still problem not solved. However this time I had a solid blue vertical line down the center of the screen, which I didn't have before.

I checked all 3.5 amp fuses, they were good. No (4.7 OHM) resistors look burnt. Next, I de-soldered and re-soldered the convergence chips just to ensure my soldering job was not the problem, still had same problem. However, this time I didn't have a vertical blue line down the center of the screen but did still have the convergence problem.  After waitng for approx. 30 mintuers I tried the flash focus and the manual convergence with no luck. Could not get crosshairs to center and still had the 3D picture. 

 I rechecked the 5 amp fuses and discovered that the one I replaced earlier ( PS5001) had blown again. After replacing this fuse for the second time I still had the same problem with the picture.

After removing both boards for a third time I discovered that I had blown the same 5 amp fuse for a third time (The original plus the two I replaced).  My question is this.

First, could my soldering be causing the 5 amp fuse to keep blowing?  It doesn't look like I shorted any of the pins when I soldered the convergence chips on the board, but my eyes aren't as good as they were 50 years ago, although I did use a magnifying glass to check my work. I would have thought that the TV wouldn't even come on if I had shorted out a pin.

Second, what else could cause just the PS5001 (5amp) fuse to constantly blow?

Third, any recommendations on where to send the boards for expert repair.

I completely removed both boards from the TV, ensuring that I disconnected the big red cables properly (thanks to info provide by Larry Dillon).  I also order two new convergence chips and plenty of 5 amp and 3.5 fuses from

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever get this fixed?

Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the EXACT same problem with my Sony 65". I think if you installed the new IC with a blown fuse you could have shorted the new IC out. I actually am going through this exact same issue. I checked the fuses while they were still on the board before i put the new IC's in but I think that ps5001 was already blown and it fried the new IC.

I know this was 2 years ago but maybe you found out a solution. I plan to replace the 5a fuse again with a new ic and see what happens. If it still blows then I havent a clue. lol.

Thanks if you get this!


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