Please Help: Sony KP-51WS510 trouble

I purchased the Sony KP-51WS510 TV set back in Dec '03 and have had great performance with it ever since.... that is until two weeks ago.

I came home from work, laid down on the couch and powered on the TV. After a few minutes, the TV started making these strange popping/clicking sounds which accompanied a picture flicker in sync. Puzzled I went over to the TV to investigate, thinking maybe a mouse or something gnawed on the power cord or something silly.

After several more minutes, the pop/clicking noise became more regular and frequent, so I pulled the TV out to examine behind it, thinking maybe it was a lose cable connection. While I was behind the TV checking all the inputs, the TV suddenly made a very loud zapping sound that scared the heck out of me (I thought I got electrocuted or something at first), accompanied by the TV going out completely. When I tried to power the TV back on, all I would get was the LED in front would start blinking at me 8 times. The TV would make the sound like it was trying to power up, but sadly nothing would happen, the screen would just stay black with the LED blinking at me.

Of course I immediately jump online to try and figure out the problem, and soon came across this wonderful site. A quick search told me the most probable issue was my D-Board. So armed with this info I still decided to call a tech out to come take a look, hoping it would be something less serious. Of course with my luck, my warranty at Best Buy just expired back in Dec '07, and stupid me decided not to renew (I'm seriously kicking myself in the ass everyday now and swear to never let one of those lapse again).

Anyway, the Sony tech at a local TV repair shop couldn't make it out for almost a week, and when he finally did make it out I swear he barely seemed he knew what he was doing. After tinkering with it for almost 2 hours, he finally concluded that it wasn't my D-Board or any other circuitry, but it was one of my CRT guns (think he called it a light gun). He said that one of them blew out, which is what caused the TV to go out, and that all 3 would need to be replaced, costing an estimated $900. The real sketchy thing about this guy was that he wasn't sure which of the guns blew, because he didn't have some piece of equipment that was in his shop that he normally doesn't bring, and it would cost extra for him to bring that back out. I tell him I'll think about it, and grumble as I have to pay him his $100 fee.

So now that I've told that tale, my question is what should I do? Should I go ahead and pay $900+ and have all 3 guns replaced? Or just say farewell to my old Sony friend and go spend almost $3000 on a new 67' Samsung DLP TV? (I would prefer a Sony, but refuse to buy a LCD and can't find another Sony rear-projection anywhere).

I personally am in favor or repairing the TV, since I built my whole home theater system around it (everything is color matched and is Sony), but I am very worried that I'll pay for the TV to get fixed and then have something else go out soon after (if the guns were even really the only problem). I don't want it to become a money sinkhole, having to get repair after repair done just to get it back to normal. At the same time, I don't want to throw away this beautiful TV if it can be easily fixed and still last me for years to come (I'm a tad bit OCD in case you haven't noticed lol).

So please, any tech advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Is this kind of repair worth the trouble? Will my TV ever be the same again? Should I brave the repair and hope for the best? Should I just cut my loses and go buy a new TV for almost $3000? Help me out please.

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Could be the HVB (High

Could be the HVB (High Voltage Block ) or Flyback Do you have a Multimeter and Know how to Use it ?


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