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So I am having kind of a

So I am having kind of a similar issues with my girlfriend's grandparent's TV, and now I am somewhat confused and looking for some advice on what to do next. About a month ago their TV started having issues turning on, and it would flash an error code. It seemed to at some points flash 10 times, and at others 9. I located the service manual for their tv (KP51WS520) and looked up what would cause those particular codes. The manual recommended that I replaced 2 diodes (D6116 and D6301) on the G board for the 9 blink error, and it recommended that I replace 1 IC (IC8005), 1 resistor (R8051), and 2 transistors (Q8013 and Q8014). Since I was getting both error codes I decided it was best to deal with everything at once, and so I went and located the parts I needed from a supplier in malaysia. I received the parts earlier this week and tonight I installed them on their respective boards. Now the TV powers on (you can hear the power supply click on) and you hear audio coming from the TV's speakers, but the guns never power up, and within 5 seconds the TV turns itself back off. Now I am fairly certain that the G board is operating fine, (I measured the power output, and it was outputting around 335 volts to the D board) but the D board seems to refuse to initialize. Also I am still getting 10 blinks at the initial start up, followed by 5 blinks. Does anyone have any sort of recommendation of where to go from here? (I had thought that possibly one of the parts I installed on the D board might be bad, and next time I get a chcance I will test those parts more thoroughly.) Thanks in advance for any help that any of you might be able to provide.

Larry Dillon
First off, make sure you

First off, make sure you installed all of the parts correctly. Triple check the solder connections and make sure you did not splash any solder onto the board. Next, triple check by hand, not just by looking, every single plug on or around the G and the D board and make sure that they did not come out a little and not seated all the way down onto the board. I cannot count how many sets I have repaired in the past from others who swore they checked all of the plugs, but I found one out of it's socket part of the way. Good Luck

I am fairly certain that my

I am fairly certain that my solder work is good their was only one piece (Diode D6116) that was surface mount the rest of the stuff was hole mounts, and then I went through with my multimeter and made sure that the solder I laid down was connecting with the next solder point.  (I am using some really fine silver bearing solder, and I was pretty careful, so I dont think their were any points where I could have splashed something on the board.) I know the board is of a multilevel design, but I am fairly certain that everything is soldered properly. I went throught and checked all the connectors, and they are all labeled on the breadboard either through silk screening or color coding on the plugs, so I am fairly certain everything is going to the right place.  I pressed down firmly on every single connector to make sure it was seated properly. (Especially those bridging plugs that go from the A board to the D board.)  I really wish their was a light or something to let me know that thing was getting power, because it is so odd for it not to do anything. BTW thank you for the response, and for any help you might be able to provide.

On a side note I can only work on the TV when I see my girlfriend, which is about once a week, and  it would be nice to look at it at home where I have better lighting conditions.  how do you disconnect the HV wiring, and how hard is it to put things back in place?  I tried twising like they said in the manual, but I am afraid of twisting too hard and breaking something, and then not being able to fix it back. I figure there is some trick I do not know to it.

Also when I am done working on the TV is there anything I have to do to reset the new IC I installed, or any simple procedure that I may not know about.  I have worked on several TVs in the past, and this is the first one that has really given me fits. (It is coincedentally the first sony I have worked on too, and hoepfully it will be the last.)

Dave IRE
If you need to work on that

If you need to work on that set at home and don't want to transport the whole thing, take the whole top section with mirror off and leave it behind.  Don't touch the mirror.  The bottom section with all other components is fairly easily transported in a van or larger car trunk.  At the shop location, rig up a piece of white posterboard or drywall hanging from the ceiling (slanted) to shine the raster on.  Trying to take it apart and reassemble again is not really feasible.  HV leads will usually come out with a push-and-quarter turn, but you gotta be patient..

After you have worked on a few hundred or thousand tvs, you will still be getting "fits" from time to time!  Oh well..   better aggravated than bored, huh? 

Larry,I was reading the post

Larry,I was reading the post between you and pnjkimbro, I have the same problem with 9 blinks with my Sony KP51WS520.I took the back off the set and I am relatively sure that the G- Board is the one on the far left. However I don't have the service manual and I have little experiance with this kind of work. It doesn't look like it would be too complicated to remove this board. Would you recomend taking this board out and taking it to a service tech and get them to replace the diodes that you refer to?

  On a different web site someone advised me that you can get the set to turn on by putting it in a self diagnostic mode,by pressing a sequence of buttons on the remote. This works and the set comes on and works fine except that you can't get this display of diagnostic codes to go away.Is there any way to do this? The codes are all zeros except # 9 which reads  9: ZCD   255

 Thanks in advance for any help you can provide Also could you send me the service manual for this set?    [email protected]

Larry Dillon
nine is the number od the

nine is the number od the fault. The ZCD is Zero Crossover detection. Yes the TWO diodes should be replaced.

          D6116           8-719-081-97                 DIODE                       MMDL914T1  No longer available
  •  New D6116   8-719-074-43                 DIODE                       BAS316-115
          D6301           6-500-567-21                 DIODE                      10ERB20-TB5
  • If you can solder and work on solid state circuit boards, you can locate BOTH diodes on the "G" board and replace BOTH at the same time. i will send you out the service manual. Good Luck and let us know how you made out with this repair.  Oh by the way, here are the diode part numbers and generic part numbers, and they can be purchased at

    You are correct about the

    You are correct about the service mode. The shutdown is artificially triggered by the micro processer. the zero crossing detector is not working, what this does is is senses when the ac line voltage is a zero volts, at this point is when the tv will turn on, if this sensor is not working then the set will refuse to turn on and you get a 9 blink. When you are in service mode it will ignore this warning. And allow the tv to come on. Sony believes that when turning on the set if the voltage is at zero it is less shock there by extending the life of the set. There is no way to override this. it has to  be fixed. Kind of like the oxygen sensors on the new cars, if the cadlidic converter is no longer operating correctly your car will shut down, i had this problem with my Yukon. So in your case, the reality is the tv is fine, it just can't sense the zero crossing. The problem is usually the diodes. A service manual will not tell you how to change these parts.

    Larry & zapdbf, so will the

    Larry & zapdbf, so will the service manual explain how to go about removing the G-board? I don't want to try to take the board out and end up screwing something else up.  I figure it would be my best option to just take out the board and take it to a service center. If I have someone come out they will charge me $120.00 before they even touch the set. Once you get it to come on in the service mode is there any way to clear the screen of the box with all the service codes,if this were possible I could just continue to turn it on in this manner,since there isn't really anything wrong with the set. Thanks again for any help you can provide.

    no you can't clear the

    no you can't clear the service codes, that is the purpose of the service mode. There is no direct instructions on how to remove the g board, these manuals are printed up for professionals and they assume you know the basics, but the manual will give you an overview of removal, but there are just a few screws, and a couple of clips along the edge, all the wires unclip from the board. Most sony plugs have a clip you need to press in to remove the plug, but not all plugs will have clips on the older units.

    zapdbf thanks for the answer

    zapdbf thanks for the answer and advice, I took a look inside and I can see what you are refering to. There are 2 small screws as well as a couple clips. So if I take the board out and take it to a tech and explain the problem with these diodes will they know which diodes to replace. It looks like there are more than just 2 diodes on the board.  

    Larry, I didn't receive the

    Larry, I didn't receive the service manual for my Sony KP51WS520 If you could send this I would be very grateful. Would you recomend ordering these 2 diodes from The source you mention

    Larry Dillon
    It is the, and

    It is the, and yes use the original numbers I mentioned. I will send out the manual again.

    Thanks Larry I got the manual

    Thanks Larry I got the manual. Now that I have gotten the set to come on by using the diagnostic mode that is the only way I can get it to come on at all. So do you think it is most likely these 2 diodes that are causing the problem?

    Larry Dillon
    Yes it is, I have done this

    Yes it is, I have done this repair many many times.

    Larry,  I took the G-board

    Larry,  I took the G-board out and I have someone who can do the solder work for me. I'm a little unsure what you meant when you said " Replace D 6116 and D 6301 on the "G" board and do not attempt to resolder them as this will fix the problem only temporary". Do you mean to not try to resolder the old diodes or to not try to just replace one of the diodes. How can you replace these 2 diodes without soldering them in ?  Thanks again for all the help.  Dave K.

    Larry Dillon
    No, what I mean is that if

    No, what I mean is that if you DO NOT replace the diodes and simply RESOLDER the diodes, the set might work for a short time. I have seen peeps do this all the time and think that the TV set is repaired and that the diodes must have had a simple bad connection on them. This is simply not the case. heating upm the diodes sometimes fixes the diodes for some reason. YOU MUST REPLACE THE DIODES. And yes that will involve unsoldering the old diodes, taking  OUT of the circuit board, and replacing them with the NEW diodes.

    Larry Dillon said: No, what I

    Larry Dillon said: No, what I mean is that if you DO NOT replace the diodes and simply RESOLDER the diodes, the set might work for a short time. I have seen peeps do this all the time and think that the TV set is repaired and that the diodes must have had a simple bad connection on them. This is simply not the case. heating upm the diodes sometimes fixes the diodes for some reason. YOU MUST REPLACE THE DIODES. And yes that will involve unsoldering the old diodes, taking  OUT of the circuit board, and replacing them with the NEW diodes.

    I know what you are talking about, when you heat up a diode you can change it's characteristics. That is the key to this repair, Some characteristic of this diode, like the forward bias voltage is very critical for proper operation of this circuit. The diode is technically doing it's job, but not like the circuit wants it to do. When you heat it up, you may temporarily change this behavior, but it wll go back to it's original malfunctioning state. I still have to complain about this circuit, in my opinion it is a totally STUPID circuit. Larry here is another good one for you. I have a sony tv in here right now for another stupid reason. the complaint is that sometimes the picture is distorted. I found the fix for this but get this! - The reason is because the power supply is coming up too fast and it is not allowing enough time for some of the main processes begin before the digital video circuits come up. so i need to add a cap to the 5 volt line supplying the digital video circuits so that it wall have about a 2 millisecond delay to allow the other circuits to come up faster, they also added a coil to slow the time as well.The tube days were so much easier. Who cares how fast a power supply comes up as long as you get power. This kind of sensitivity always aggravates me with sony. 

    Larry & zapdbf, Thanks for

    Larry & zapdbf, Thanks for clairifing that deal about the soldering.  I got the new diodes from the & I have a friend who can do the soldering work for me. I'll let you guys know how everything works out. Thanks for all the help.  


    i think i am becomming one of

    i think i am becomming one of those bitter old techs, HELP! Someone save me from myself. Yell

    Larry Dillon
    Hey dude! Once your there it

    Hey dude! Once your there it is TOO late to get any help! Take my word on this one.

    Larry , i got  the diodes

    Larry , i got  the diodes soldered in  And everything is working great. Thanks for all the help with the advice and sending the copy of the manual etc. I'm sure it saved me a few bucks. This site is such a great resource. Thanks again for your help.

                                                Dave K.

    Larry Dillon
    Glad to hear man! Yes you did

    Glad to hear man! Yes you did for sure save several bucks doing the repair yourself.

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody

    i too am suffering with a KP-51WS520 that won't turn on without using the Display, 5, volume down, power codes.  But the first time i managed to get it on that way I did NOT get the Self Diagnosis screen - which was fine - because i just wanted to be able to watch the TV and avoid expensive repair if i didn't have to.   Now i can't power on without getting the Diagnosis screen in the middle of the TV and I can't find any way to get rid of it without turning the TV off.  Is there any way you know of to lose that screen? I have a guy coming to look at set in about an hour ($120 consultation) but i'm afraid he's going to say sony's no longer supplying the parts as i've read a few times.  This is so ridiculous - the set is less than 3 years old.   Anybody have any advice? Thanks!

    Larry Dillon
    The diagnostic screen is

    The diagnostic screen is there for a reason. The set detects a fault in a circuit somewhere. I'm afraid the only way to get rid of the diagnostic screen is to have the fault corrected. I guess if you were good at circuit analysis, you could disconnect the on-screen display pin from the microprocessor where it injects it into the video but that would be a lot more trouble then to fix the problem. Also I would not recommend that as the fault may grow larger and burn up the TV set. Play it safe and have the set repaired. You should never try to modify a circuit without first doing several engineering tests. Good Luck



    I'm not sure if you have the same problem that I was having but the only way that I found to get rid of the diagnostic screen was to select  FAVORITES on the remote. This puts a list of channels on the right side of the screen, and the diagnostic screen goes away. The only problem with this is if you don't scroll or move between the different channels in the favorites collumn the diagnostic screen will pop up again in 1 or 2 minutes.


    Hi Larry

    Hi Larry

    I'm writing from Mexico, and i have a problem with my tv sony kp-51ws520 chassis AX-1X, the set dont turn on, i have the problem with 9 blinks in the front.

    Reading the comments you say that the problem is with the "G" board, exactly with the diodes D6116 and D6301 but the problem is that i dont have the service manual to locate it in the board.

    Could you please send me the service manual to my email

    [email protected]

    Thank you very much Larry


    Larry Dillon
    I sent you the service manual

    I sent you the service manual. Good Luck


    Can you please mail me the manual also - [email protected].


    Larry Dillon
    download from here http://www
    Larry Dillon said: download

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