Sony Cyber-shot white screen problem

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Thanks Davis Davlin..YOur

Thanks Davis Davlin..YOur suggestion worked for me.My camera had same problem and its ok now

Thank goodness for the site

Thank goodness for the site our Sony Cybershot (14.1 megapixels) DSC W350 got the WHITE SCREEN yesterday 18/03/2113. We read through the many suggestions and tried pressing the various places suggested. only the bottom right screen gave us some lines. So it was either try taking the back off or buying a new camera. SO OUT CAME THE SIX SCREWS magnifying lenses in place - the back came away easily - nothing loose could be seen but pressed in the places suggested without the back and Wonder of wonders back came the normal screen OUR grateful thanks to the site and ALL THOSE WHO PUT ON HELPFUL ENCOURAGING COMMENTS
To the Manufacturers SONY It is not good enough that this is STILL HAPPENING _ PUT IT RIGHT NOW - go on DO IT NOW Swainscott

Son of a gun!!!! I have an

Son of a gun!!!! I have an old sony cyber shot that we use as a junk beach,camping, toss it to the kids thing. The screen went white! I tapped as in hardly bumped it, on the cyber shot logo...and the son of a gun came right up to life!!!! thanks!!



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