Steve Jobs: Thank You For Changing The Way I View Technology

In the 1980's, you changed the way I played video games, and helped give me a few cases of dysentery on my library visits.

In 2002, you changed the way the I view portable computing. My iBook G3 accompanied me virtually every single day, and OS X changed the way I view how a personal computer could function.

In 2003, you changed the way I listened to music. Through many interesting times, my third generation iPod blasted tunes in my car and in my headphones.

In 2006, you changed the way I work with my upgraded MacBook. You also changed another person's view on portable computing when they received my old iBook, which continued to work reliably for several more years.

In 2007, you changed what a mobile phone meant to me, and many others, with the iPhone--undoubtably one of the sexiest consumer electronics products ever made, and which has shaped the mobile phone market as we know it. It wasn't the best at everything, but it was a "magical" product to be sure.

In 2010, you changed the way I consume content and browse the Internet with the iPad. Ever since waiting outside in line on launch day, the iPad hasn't gone more than 12 hours without being powered on, leading me to photos of my loved ones, connecting me to email, entertaining me, and serving as my window to the digital world.

In 2011, you changed the way I produce my work with the release of OS X Lion on my new Mac Mini, on which I am typing this to you now. To this day, I continue to be significantly more productive when working on an Apple product.

Thank you for your vision and your hard work. You've made people's lives better. Rest in peace.


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