Sling adds Chromecast support through Slingplayer mobile apps

Sling Media has announced Slingbox support for Chromecast through their Slingplayer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and very soon Android tablet.

They have integrated the ‘Cast’ icon into our Slingplayer apps giving those who have a Slingbox the ability to watch their living room TV on another TV in the house or a TV in a remote location using a Chromecast device.

You can connect to your Slingbox on a supported mobile device and then send the video to their Chromecast-equipped TV by tapping the cast icon that will appear next to the remote control commands on screen. The Slingplayer app then acts as a remote control for changing the channel, navigating the guide or accessing the DVR that is connected to the Slingbox. They have also integrated a full hand-off between the app and the Chromecast device allowing you to exit the Slingplayer app to do other things on your mobile device without interrupting what’s playing on the TV.

if you’re not familiar with Chromecast, here’s a quick rundown: It’s a dongle made by Google that you plug into a TV’s HDMI port. It lets you “cast” content onto the big screen wirelessly from apps running on your mobile device. When paired with the Slingplayer app, you’ll be able to watch any of your cable or satellite programming (live or recorded) on any TV that’s been set up with Chromecast. Remember, both the Chromecast device and Slingplayer-equipped mobile device must be on the same network. And when they are, you’ll be able to control your TV with a soft remote interface that shows up on your phone or tablet:



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