"Pandora's Battery" hack promises to unbrick all bricked PSPs

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The PSP has seen plenty of hacks in its still relatively short lifespan, but it looks like this latest one from the folks at N00bz could well be one of the biggest, with it promising to do nothing short of unbricking all bricked PSPs. The key to that daunting task, it seems, was to turn an ordinary PSP battery into a so-called "service mode trigger battery," resulting in something N00bz has appropriately dubbed "Pandora's Battery." To make one of your own, you'll of course need a spare battery, as well as a working homebrew-enabled PSP to set things up with. After running a few programs on it and your PC, you should then have a battery/memory stick combo that'll let you get any PSP back up and running with the v1.5 firmware. Those looking to give it a shot can hit up the link below for the full instructions and necessary downloads.

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