MobileMe - It's Just Not That Bad

This may win the award for one of my shortest blog posts ever... but I'd like to hear a little more from everyone about their experience with MobileMe.  All I've heard so far is a lot of griping.  The most recent being an email from the Steve himself, making clear that the launch of MobileMe was an epic fail.  I've heard of the web apps not working, emails getting lost, and worse.

So, why haven't I experienced any of this? I wrote a first experience review on this a while ago, but now that I've been using it for even longer and it has had time to simmer, here's my current verdict:


Works fine, no problems.  Haven't lost any mail, at least not that I know of - every one I have sent out since the transition has been fine.


Syncs fine.  No, it isn't push, but it works great, and usually syncs in a few minutes.  I tested it, multiple times.  I'm not sure many people *need* their calendar reminders to be updated on all PC's INSTANTLY.  Within 2 or 3 minutes should be fine for most folks.  Just set everything to sync automatically and you should be good to go.  Yes, Apple should not have called it "push," but come on...


I actually love the new photos access, with Web Gallery.  Everyone who has checked my gallery out has loved how it works.  The web interface is simple and effective.  I don't see the problem here.


See Calendar.

iDisk Access

This is the only one I'm not totally happy with.  Still slow, but most WebDAV's I've used have been, including the one that is included with my other web hosting service.  The online app is slick, though, and has worked as promised so far.  My only complaint here is that drag and drop in the web app is a little sketchy... but that's why you enable it in the Finder or Explorer in the first place :)


So there you have it - in my opinion - MobileMe is just fine, and well worth my $100/yr.  I couldn't live without it, actually.  Is it perfect yet... of course not, but give Apple a little time to polish it.  I'm glad we got it all up front, bugs and all, rather than being teased piece by piece.

I'd love to hear what everyone else's experiences are, though!


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