Letter to Apple: Way to Stick It to iPhone Developers

Apple's business model is built on strict control of their products, both hardware and software based. It's the reason why the iPod is so tightly integrated to iTunes, and why you can't install their OS on whatever computer platform you wish (though there's a company called Psystar that's pushing those limits right now).

However, Apple's rediculous, unfair actions against Podcaster is making me wonder why they bothered opening up the iPhone to developers in the first place. 

The short story is that not long ago, a developer came up with an application called Podcaster that let the iPhone pull down podcasts directly over the air. Apple rejected the application from hitting the AppStore, claiming that encroached something that Apple's iTunes software already did (which it didn't). Today, screenshots of Apple's next iPhone firmware hit the scene, and Apple's version of Podcaster is present.

In my opinion, that's complete BS.

To Apple:

Way to stick it to those who are trying to make your product better. If you're going to reject applications based on functionality you haven't yet released, how about publishing your roadmap a few years in advance so developers don't waste their time?

Better yet, why not just let people create quality software for the iPhone and just accept the fact that sometimes it may be better than what you've done?  You want people to use your software? Compete... like the rest of the world. Make it better than the other guy's and people will use it, or do you truly believe that Apple lays a golden egg every single time? See Apple TV for proof to the contrary.

If you're that worried about being shown up, maybe the safe thing to do is lock the iPhone back down and let these brilliant developers focus on Android and Windows Mobile. You obviously don't need them, nor do you have anything to worry about. They could never compete with your superiority, right?



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