Apple is diving into the world of personal finance (in due time) as it has been developing a person to person payment service which will operate under the label of Apple Pay.  This is coming under much speculation as Apple has applied for a patent for their person-to-person payment system which is speculated to be secured by Touch ID.   This brings up an interesting thought of Apple starting a bank.  Although this maybe a far off thought for many Apple users, this push for market share has started the conversation.  With Apples application for a personal transfer system, organizations like PayPal may begin to feel the heat of completion.   Along side this brings an interesting thought.  As in the past it might have been just as difficult for a computer company to start a bank as it would have been for a bank to start a computer company.  As online based personal banking becomes more widely used by millennials across the world we could see the benefit of having development teams on hand to build a banking platform for use within a single operating system.     Nothing is set in stone as of yet but this push would be an interesting concept to see develop within the industries of both personal banking and computer manufactures.  Only time will tell.  

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