Here comes the Solid State Hard Drive

SAMSUNG has started mass production of their first 1.8-inch, 64GB Solid State Drive.

I have been telling people for years that someday the hard drive, as we know it, will be replaced by a solid state device and will no longer be mechanical. It appears that this time is coming soon.

They have been creating smaller sized SSD's (Solid State Drives) for a little while now, but they were just not large enough for the average computer user.

With the production of a 64GB drive, that they will initially target for Notebook PCs, they finally have one large enough.
Unless you are power user like me, 64GB is large enough for most casual Laptop or business users.

SSDs will have greater reliability, faster boot times and faster application start-up times than hard disk drives. No more worrying about dropping the laptop and loosing all your info on a destroyed HD.

Another great benefit is that SSD can improve battery life by up to 20 percent in notebooks.

We will start seeing these soon in ultra-light and ultra-slim notebook PCs where they benefit most from this technology.

So Nostradamus hat on. Wink

Over the next few years you will see 2.5 and 3.5 SSD drives coming out. You will also see other digital consumer products such as camcorders, PDAs and printers equipped with SSDs ranging from 4GB to 64GB, very soon.

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This is very interesting.  I have also said to a lot of folks that not long after the industry figures out how to make a solid state memory, that can hold movies, we will be saying good-bye to the DVD player/recorder as we know it.  No more mechanical things to break, no optics to get dirty or go weak.   I see it happening, hopefully in my lifetime.


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