GamePark Holdings' GP2X F-200 coming in October

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You probably started to think that your good buddies over at GamePark Holdings were going to leave you high and dry on a new iteration of their Linux-based, homebrewer's dream -- the GP2X -- seeing as it's been over a year since we've heard any stirrings beyond the recently released Commercial Interface Board. Well, that's all a-changin', as we've just gotten word that the brand-spanking-new GP2X F-200 is on its way out this October, sporting a handsome white finish. The specs don't deviate drastically from the GP2X F-100, utilizing the same dual core ARM920T processors for host and video number crunching, 64MB of RAM, and SD card support. Where the new model does differ, however, is with the addition of a 320 x 240 QVGA touchscreen (with stylus), and a complete redesign of the gamepad, moving away from the previous, mushroom-like protrusion to a more flush, PSP-esque controller. So for all you DIY'ers with a penchant for video gaming, a desperate need to playback video, audio, and check out family photos, and a bizarre fascination with obscure Korean electronics -- it's your lucky day.

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