DXNotifi Creates a Better Platform to Engage Audiences

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text – and it takes just 13 milliseconds to see an image. Digital signage is an ideal way to drive communication and create sales opportunities.
Companies across the world are employing it in their offices, stores, and branch locations – and encountering challenges along the way. How do I update dozens, or even thousands of locations simultaneously? How do I track my campaigns? How much expensive architecture will I need to manage the service? DXNotifi has come up with the answer.
DXNotifi leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to create, manage, and display digital content across multiple devices, locations, and networks, spanning everything from indoor and outdoor TV’s to multiscreen room systems and touch panels. No on-premise server infrastructure is required!

DXNotifi’s cloud-based DNA empowers it to be the world’s most robust, scalable, secure, and user friendly platform for digital signage. If your current signage solution isn’t allowing your business to drive revenue, reduce risk, or reduce costs – they can help.

The feature-rich content management platform of DXNotifi combined with responsive design philosophy makes scheduling and managing your digital messaging feel like second nature… even from a phone or tablet. Content and device playlists can be managed and monitored from virtually anywhere, with the ability to quickly and reliably distribute mass notifications across thousands of locations – even large videos or rich media.
They apply process and technology to enhance the way you work. We partner together with you to develop your unique DXNotifi digital signage solution, as part of your team. We’ll guide you through
each step of the process to ensure you are delivered the exact solution for your needs.
Learn how DXNotifi and Magenium can empower you to securely deliver dynamic content to your customers, reduce the cost of costly traditional programs, drive revenue through targeted, efficient
campaigns, and allow you to focus on your business.


  •  Powered by Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure
  •  Update Easily… From Anywhere
  •  Hardware Agnostic: Run from Any Windows 10 Device
  •  No Server Infrastructure
  •  Amazon Echo Integration + Environmental Sound Masking
  •  Open API
  •  Geofencing Capability
  •  Real Time Data Analytics
  •  QR Code Embedding
  •  Secured Wired and Wireless Connections over HTTPS
  •  Endless possibilities with contained, scalable costs

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Hi I was wondering if you had the passcode codes for a cyberview TV in case of forgotten passcode or the factory reset passcode. Thanks.

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