Convoluted Family Tree of Telecommunication Companies

I understand the reasoning behind the Feds decision to breakup the AT&T monopoly, and on January 1st of 1984, AT&T's local operations split into seven independent Regional Bell Operating Companies (you've heard the term 'baby bell' right?).

Since then, the telecom industry has slowly been playing a game of renaming, mergers, partnerships, and takeovers. In fact, what was left of AT&T after the breakup and a failed business segway into computer systems, ended up getting purchased by one of their own spin-offs.

For a fascinating look at what's happened to the telecom industry since the big break up, check out this Family Tree of Telecommunications Companies over at You may be surprised who owns who, and if you're like me, chuckle after seeing some old logos that you used to pay bills to.

Any surprises there? Anything missing? Post your thoughts in the comments.


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