Channel Master Now Offering Live Streaming Platform

Alternative television provider Channel Master, supplier of television antennas which offer subscription-free DVR options, has announced that they completed the beta testing of their new live streaming platform.  Amongst this announcement Channel Master is welcoming partners to help expanded this new service.   This new feature delivers live internet streams directly to the channel guide of the DVR unit.  The differential benefit to consumers is that users can now have internet channels along side their broadcast channels on a single schedule guide.  Channel Master’s new addition of a streaming platform will allow media companies to reach consumers on a structured and common informational outlet.   If you are interested in learning more about Channel Master products and services please see    Channel Mater Press Release:    


the power lighe flashing fast can't stop the light from flashing off and on until i unplug it then it flash for about 60 second and goes off i plug it up agan the light start flashing again won't come on no sound or nothing 

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